you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

this is totally relevant

i like this website. it's nice to read about people who have beliefs like mine and a drive to create.

I think the dress Cate Blanchett wore to the oscars is super lovely. No offense to the red flamenco dresses.

portraits of kate

i'm back doing the waterstones project again. this and my chorley project are being done at the same time and in similar ways. it's really helping me develop a style and an understanding of how i take pictures.

i really love this picture of kate.

bye facebook maybe forever

i've disabled my facebook.
i'm not even that bothered. it used to kind of consume my life. I read some statistics which showed me a sickening amount of people check facebook as soon as they wake up. i was one of those people. it made me nauseous. my morning routine can be so much fuller than that without getting sucked into nothingness for half an hour.
well i think i may keep it disabled, even after i finish my uni work.
i feel really really good. i no longer have stress from not replying people friend requests- people who add me with no intention of talking to me in real life- and answering emails from people, or having everything i say and do commented on by people who really don't know me at all or understand the context behind what they're commenting on.

now a nice deep breath.

i love a good ballet. i always thought sleeping beauty would be the epitome of a good ballet. tchaikovsky's score contains some of myfavorite ever themes. however i think i may have based all my expectations around the disney. i think the thing that surprised me most was how the music changed in it's use. the haunting maleficent themes were actually in the ballet as a cat and mouse scene which had zero relevance to the plot. me and sophia really wanted to love it but ended up sighing and huffing in frustration during the last 30 minute where the princess had been awakened quiteunceremoniously and all time was given over the unknown entertainer like characters to do little solo pieces in what i could only guess was the celebrations for the princess being back. i'm pretty sure i saw this man in all blue, do a bird dance more than i saw the prince. who were the main parts in this show anyhow.

i did enjoy it. i promise i did, the costumes were beautiful and the dancing was unbelievable as ballet always is. but although i knew the original story and that it differed greatly from the disney i was still at a loss as to what was going on due to so much time being given to dancing without any relevance. surely in ballet as they aren't saying anything all the dancing need to lead the story somewhere? maybe i just don't know a thing about ballet.

anyway, the time with sophia, leah and laura made it worth while. my quick interrogations as to their lives before the curtains opened was well worth the journey.
so was their ballet dancing to the train station

nice bit of amateur photoshop there for you, but maleficent thinks that as long as i tried that's all that matters.

so last season

rochelle got film developed. happy time and pretty things
so while my dissertation flounders at least my projects blooms
i'm working on two right now, one about waterstones in preston and one about chorley library. i personally can't see a theme there at all.

i got to go through the archives at chorley a bit, see some absolutely beautiful glass slides with unknown origins, old school books and records, hand drawn maps. such lovely stuffs.

i've figured out what kind of pictures i want to take. this makes me very happy.

nom nom nom

i want to eat pad tai noodles so much..... only one hour to go till i can!!!!

learning lessons

i'm trying to figure out what i like best in a portrait. this is another one of libs but it just doesn't have the beauty of the first one i took. i think i prefer people looking at the camera. i'm learning what i like.

plus the composition in this is ridiculously awful, it's not even good in an avant-gard way...

one day i'll get there
i'm not sure yet how i feel about my last lot of large format portraits. this one is ok, i think i need to think more before hand though.

i do actually really like the yellow against the blue which was actually unexpected as i thought the walls would just come out white. and i like the shadows in the left hand corner. i just don't know if i capture ben super well... i think i prefer the angle i took with libs where it was straight on rather than slightly underneath.


i found a Polaroid camera for £4.99 in a charity shop the other day. i was pretty smug.

till i found out the film is completely dead to this world. i'm going to try and ram in some impossible project spectra..... otherwise this just turned into a moderately priced charity shop ornament. i think i have enough unusable camera's with to create my own little museum.

excuse me sir

this is my favourite song to sing right now.
it's enjoyable singing it at people who are just offering me biscuits and not expecting it.
yeah, hot chip will break your legs.