you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

cheer up

it makes me a little happy when i take a picture i like.
it makes me quite sad that at my age with my degree and such, all that experience of different jobs i've had from cleaning libraries (may sound rubbish but it was pretty fun) to selling books in waterstones to helping facilitate art based workshops at galleries and office experience at BYU that i am now reduced to handing in my cv into the shops in my local town centre. if i can't get a job at superdrug or new look i may never get a job ever.

if they wont take me on i will probably swirl into a typhoon on depression.

but really

in my twisted mind sitting at the computer in my work out clothes somehow equates to exercise...

glad to be griffindor

so i had an eventful but really uneventful graduation.
it was long and boring and no one laughed at my hogwarts references, and then i found out that my dad had been seriously ill all day and pretending he wasn't because he didn't want to ruin my day. we were out of there as soon as i saw his pale face, lining up for awkward photo be darned. dad checked himself into hospital to be monitored for his heart, they never figured out what was wrong however. but while dad was in hospital i ended up pottering around the house in my special graduation dress, then pottering around town to get my friend's son's first pair of clarke's shoes, then lying on my couch still in graduation dress (which is beautiful by the way, vivienne westwood) and having a little cry because i was scared for dad.
I didn't care too much for graduation as a rule. i only, as they say, walked, for the benefit of my mum and dad. the day to me was less about my graduation and more about a commemoration to my two wonderful parents who had supported not just during my degree but throughout my whole life.

my parents gave me a beautiful gold and pearl necklace in the morning to commemorate my graduation. this was mostly because mum still feel's guilty over having still not finished my 21st birthday quilt 4 years on. however the necklace meant so much more to me than a graduation present. it was a physical reminder of the love my parents have for me, and the love i have for them in return.

there is truly nothing greater in this world than family.

Nothing to report

Snuffle snuffle. I be illin'.

It nice to have a guilt free day in bed blowing my nose and enjoying having no responsibilities.

Or jobs.... Maybe that's not so good. Job hunt continues.

musical education

so i got a book for step one of the learning lots about classical music 101 class i've created for myself

its a pretty obvious one

so far i have learnt gregorian chanting came from pope gregory. so when i was working at waterstone's listening to the christmas monks it was all his fault.
thanks a lot pope gregory.
i don't understand that when all my work is done and uni is over i still am crazy busy. i had like 2 days of slobbing around reading young james bond novels then i was all over the show catching up on eye appointments and church responsibilities and social visits i've left far too long to the point of possible self-ostracisation. visting grandparents, tidying then messing up and then re-tidying my room. answering an awful lot of emails and phone calls, and going to an awful lot of weddings.


and now i've agreed to do another efy.
is this a good idea? i can't decide.

classically trained

seriously kate beaton is a genius- this via

i've been getting a bit more into classical music recently. i've always listened to it on classic fm and borrowed from my parents extensive collection of albums named 'music for a garden party', and 'best classics from advertisements'. i can name a couple of the famous pieces like clair de la lune, jupiter and mars and those planets by holst, vivaldi's seasons, a bunch of tchaikovsky stuff really, some beethoven. i continue to love danse macabre. but i really want to step up my musical education

my new learning goals are- england and it's geography and history, and classical music and composers,

not sure as yet how to go about this learning process. i think i'll need to find a good book. its not something i think they do adult courses on.
it's amazing that i thought i'd be less busy when i finished uni. I was wrong about a void, i have a ridiculous amount of stuff to do. i'm finding interesting jobs to apply for and i feel surprisingly calm. i have the desire to keep taking photographs regardless and want to spend some time traveling round britain going to places i've always wanted to see in my own country. i think i'm going to just enjoy life a little.

i'm going to see Dr Dee on wednesday, i managed to twist someone's arm into going with me which is great because i was pretty prepared to go alone at one point which is just a little less fun. i'm super excited, i find john dee really fascinating. the mix of science and magic at this time in england is unique. i have a great pull towards english traditions and magic. i think it's culturally fascinating. will probs write what i think about it on here at some point. although i've been thinking that about a lot and i haven't written any of it up. london exhibition, wedding in aberdeen, eating macaroons.