you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours


that awkward moment when you skip the changing room in favour for just trying a jumper on over your top in front of a mirror in the shop, then when taking the jumper off take off the top underneath as well, leaving you standing in your bra.


i got a 2:1
university is over!!!!

good mix

this cracks me up more than it really should.
going to aberdeen to do some wedding photography me.
as per usual i'm unbelievably nervous. mostly of a 7 hour bus ride.... no one should have to do that.
but i make up for it by going to london on sunday first class. holla.

and then the void.

my weekend in pictures

hooray for my lovely dad who is so amazing i'm finding it impossible to find a boy that comes close.
My mind is a bit frazzled today. I feel hollowed out by an ice cream scoop.
In a week tomorrow I get my results. In a week on Wednesday everything will be done and it's just a void. A void of moneylessness.
How are you supposed to stare into that void and not start reaching for a brown paper bag to stop the panic attacks?
It's dumb because i need a job but I can't face filling out application forms as I'm too afraid of the rejection. Looks like i might have some deep set issues here. Which is always nice to know. Gives me something to talk about in the interviews i won't get when i don't fill out the forms.

I wish I was one of those carefree people who just went traveling when there was nothing else to do.

Or cleaned when they were stressed
Or exercised more to take their minds off things. Never do I think when running I just concentrate on not thinking so i don't bail off the pavement...

pretty much where it's at. keep checking it for more artist interviews from people i'm getting the pleasure of graduating with.

new glasses, in sage for a sage.

gok says these glasses are for me because i want to make a statement but not too much of a statement basically.

story of my life.

exhibition exhibition

this is me looking awkward by my pictures.
mostly because i know they don't look as good as a 6 as when they are an 8.

cannot wait till my books and other portrait are reprinted. thank goodness for exhibition round two: foggy smoggy London town.

other examples of work (of the super good variety)

ruth: autophobia

jenny: moving cause

rachael: journeys to my father

grant: untitled

pa ha

via kate beaton

getting older

this is isa- the colour version.

boy we can do much more together

i found my card reader

i feel really good inside because i can say i saw him live. it sounds strange but i think it could have haunted me if i hadn't.
Sometimes I can think of an awful lot of things I'd rather be doing than going to another church dance hours away from where I live. As much as i love dancing (which is a lot) I think I'd love to go out for a really tasty meal. Or for a walk round a castle. If I'm going to travel for 2 hours to get somewhere I'd rather that someplace was a little more exciting.

Also it would be nice not to have to listen to Saturday night one more time. No one really likes dancing to it the just feel sorry on the dj.

I've recently admitted to myself that I go to try and get boys to give me their numbers and take me on dates. Having admitted this I now spend more of my time sitting on radiators looking like I want a bit of company rather than dancing till sweat streams down my back. Surprisingly this change of tactics actually works.
which is not very good.

there's something quite disheartening about spending a whole night wandering around slightly heartbroken only to have it rounded off by a boy telling me my lipstick has too much of an orange hue for me to be able to pull off...

masters of the universe

masters...should i or shouldn't i?

better days

printing makes me feel like

for the record, this is a good thing.