you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

back in black (and white)

it feels super super good to be back in the darkroom.
i took some semi successful pictures of my friend isa. the eyes are a little out of focus, but the light was dim and my camera is not always the sturdiest (even if it is the prettiest) but i do like this picture as a whole.

i haven't done any printing in the darkroom for a LONG TIME. i processed the negatives then i stood there while they dried thinking i should have a go at printing them so i did. and it felt like heaven. one of my negs was rubbish but i enjoyed the process so much i didn't really care. these images don't show isa's amazing blue eyes though so i'm looking forward to seeing the colour shots i took (even though he definitely blinked on one).
although i love using colour i really love the control i have when i use black and white. i don't have to send it off to be processed and scanned in lancaster i can do it all myself. i think i'm going to try and use the darkrooms as much as possible over summer till i graduate because i severely doubt i'll have the privilege again.

this is the rubbish neg but it looks nice and ghostly under the water.

my life in songs

currently i've been feeling like music is soundtracking my life. i find this happens only when dramatic stuff is going down. dramatically sad or dramatically happy. or when i'm on a train.

i like things to be dramatic. it allows me to laugh at myself.

or cry...

oh sufjan

i can't find my card reader so all the videos (lame but amazing all in one) and pictures (blurry but who cares it's still sufjan) are not yet on my computer... it will be worth the wait. if you're waiting.

on another note

aches and pains

hear hear

i went to joey and vanessa's wedding on the weekend. it was pretty lovely.vanessa was beautiful in her veil and dress.
i realised yet again how beautiful the girls i know are.
i think if more boys realised the kind of girls going to these things there would be a few more wedding crashers.

white walls

currently prepping the exhibition space at uni.

so much going on that there is nothing to say. there is too much to say.