you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours


today= no cross trainer action but plenty of my chocolate egg being eaten.

i ignored my trainers today, i hope they don't feel too sad. hefting the 5x4 around today (hopefully for the last time for this project) counts as calorie burning anywayssss.

maybe it was just that i'd been staring at a computer screen for too long when i was helping out at the manchester gallery (yeah i slip that in because it sounds like i have job potentials (i don't)) this sculpture piece by anish kapoor was just what i needed. staring at it was weirdly meditative and moving. it's called when i am pregnant and for some reason that really added to it for me.

i like his stuff, it's wonderful to look at. his sculptures are like puzzles to me.

somewhere to disappear

can you see the vicarious triumph in my eyes.
dissertation has left the building.
[insert cheering crowd + angelic chorus]

todays news
back to the fitness regime i started before the madness of my essay. but this time regime has teamed up with....

an actual pair of trainers [those cheering crowds are back]

i was pretty inspired after going to support leah on her 10k run yesterday. i wasn't inspired by the lunatics who made it in 35 minutes only to pass out on the floor foaming at the mouth but leah didn't do that so the inspiration stayed fixed.

i went for an embarrassingly short run today which was really hard but i felt great once i'd recovered. and while i may disappoint leah by not being able to run far or swim more than 12 lengths of the swimming pool the fact that i'm doing anything at all is an improvement. if only i could read my books as i did these things. i tried it on the cross-trainer only to discover it was the most pointless of endeavors.

thanks for you help

moment bends is quite nice to do one's dissertation to. thanks architecture in helsinki for your sweet jolly music.

the end is in sight.


my left eye WILL NOT stop twitching.

aside from this

so that presentation i mentioned before. it went pretty well.
i'm a little smug, which i shouldn't be because it was only worth 30% of one module whereas my dissertation will be worth the whole of a double module so chances of bombing out of uni are still high.
i was shown the place where my work is going to go in our end of year exhibition and it's pretty perfect i'm really pleased. 8 feet of high white wall with my name on it. i feel quite calm now about it all. i still have loads to do but once this bad boy of an essay is in, it involves buying frames, printing the images in lancaster and painting everywhere white for the exhibition!!! i have this great love of painting walls. if i could do it more often i would but it's quite impractical. me and rachael were discussing how much fun it's going to be only to realise that if we wanted to paint walls we didn't really need to have studied photography at uni for 3 years. it's a good fall back profession though because clearly there aren't any other jobs out there right now for someone who takes pictures using large format costly negatives.
although i have not got any major prospects in jobs after uni i'm excited to be finished. student life was weird to do after working full time for 3 years. i felt guilty a lot about how much free time i had. and where the money i was spending on stuff came from (thankfully not from any bank overdrafts hooray for three years without real and scary debt as opposed to moderately scary student debt). i might just emigrate that sorts it out right.....

panic stations

genuinely starting to worry about my dissertation now.

i can't remember if i ever mentioned my £4 olympus trip. thanks preston market.
behold my test roll
things i learnt- it doesn't focus as close as i think it does and i can't rock it quite like rochelle


my waterstones pictures are much better than my library ones. i'm sad they are not the ones being graded.
curretly i'm writing a presentation which i am giving tomorrow morning. i'm a little stressed, my mind isn't so bad but my body can feel it. i've been peppering my research for this presentation and my dissertation with the re-reading of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. i can't explain why i love this book so much, maybe the englishness, the slight creepyness but not enough to keep you awake at night (ok maybe one bit of it did), the general length. whatever it is it just makes me very happy.
how trite but at least it's helping.

here's the scary faerie

first time i read this book this guy with his thistledown hair creeped me to no end.