you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

i love

alec soth. i really do love him. or should i say his work. i think i have that tendency to fall madly in love with people of fame, based solely on what they create. so basically i'm still a teenage girl (but i will track you down and marry you sufjan it is DESTINY)

i'm talking about Broken Manual in my diss currently and it gives me the excuse to stare at images like this

and this

probably predictably my favourites.

and one more for luck

woke up grumpy

but this helped
many thanks to kate beaton who posts comics that make me happy(er)

stupid uni work


didn't finish the chapter.
high fives.


coco pops break

cannot work while a helicopter is buzzing round the houses it is putting me completely on edge as it clearly is scoping the area for some hardened criminal. i don't think i've ever got the washing in off the line so fast. i was convinced every noise was some great expectations type convict about to jump the fence into my garden. i kept myself a carefully calculated distance from the open back door.

too much excitement i wish i could justify snuggling in bed instead of finishing this chapter.
surely i can do both.


Getting people to be in portraits for my degree show work is really difficult!!!!
I'm very tired from hefting around the 5x4, and even though I need to do my dissertation crashing on the couch listening to worried shoes and eating a milkybar yoghurt is about as close to heaven as I can get right now?
Oh my poor weary body I'm so sorry.

pretty information

two pictures from the project i'm working on. will be alongside portraits in the exhibitions.


I bought some barry m lipstick today as a mini well done present to myself. I really could have got myself a better gift, I of all people know what I like. It feels like I've smeared my lips with acrylic paint.
I've learnt my lesson.

Better things

Last couple of weeks till my library project needs to be done. I'm feeling alright.
I had a meeting with my tutor today and he said my photographs were a combination of poetry and factuality. I was pretty pleased, so i quoted him on it in my lined paper pad. I like this confident state I'm in. I doubt it will last very long but there's nothing like being told you're doing a good job. Maybe this degree was worth it all after all.

I mean it totally was, what else would I have been doing with my time?

andrew phelps that's so nice

"When I dream of skateboarding, I’m Mike Mcgill. When I dream of photographing, I’m Robert Adams.

Andrew Phelps. Spring, 2010.”

I want my life back

Not that I'm working anywhere near as hard as I should be on my dissertation I cannot wait to be done. I cannot wait to read novels again! I can't wait to be able to hop on a train to see Rochelle, or nik, or any other of my lovely friends who i miss a lot now I'm isolated in my house wracking my brains over what point I'm trying to make with all the writing I'm doing. I'm kind of feeling the pressure. I'm feeling it with money a lot too, I don't know why i decided to take large format photographs when they cost so stinking much! I just want some nice gray vans lace ups and some givenchy make up, a nice orange toned lipstick please. I can't wait to be a working woman again.