you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

false starts

i seem to have forgotten everything i ever learnt about photography. in a completely amateur fashion i have taken two pictures on one sheet of film.

all my metering was wrong. i'm a mess.

oh well, at least because its so expensive i won't take it lightly. monday is the next and last shoot and i best get it right as i only have 10 sheets of film left for it.


do the whirlwind

my mind is going insane. i have so many wonderful thoughts and ideas... for once. i'm super excited about the waterstones project i'm doing. i'm kind of exploring how when you work somewhere or live somewhere that space is yours, you know it inside out, when you leave or someone else moves in that space is still known to you but no longer accessible. it's something i've found at quite a few places i've worked. i've lived in the same home all my life so i don't understand it in regards to homes, walking past the home you used to live in knowing it's someone else's and you can't just stroll in, however a family i knew moved out of thier house to go down south, and another family i knew moved in. so this house was accessible to me but in slightly different relationships... if that makes sense. it was interesting to see how the boyfriend of one of the girls who moved out felt going to the house no longer belonging to a family with any romantic ties. he felt constricted.

well i used to love the upper floors of waterstones where the signage is kept. it's been left in a kind of disrepair and the windows up there are beautiful, so many of them with light desperately shining through trying to expose all the nooks and crannies. i'm going to look at this space once so special to me and now inaccessible. i took some digital photos and i love some of the ideas i've had. i cannot wait to get them done large format.

i know that buildings in disrepair may be an overdone topic but for the record i'm not doing this because i like buildings in disrepair in all their dereliqueness it's because i believe in magic.

ivy and gold

you know when you finally think you might be able to make it.
i think i'm going to make it.
i love this picture. i'm so happy it came out exactly how i wanted. i really love large format. and libs.

this may always make me laugh

i think this weekend i really realised i was an adult.
i'm an adult.

or maybe i just realised that all my friends are adults and i'm older than a lot of them so it was time to maybe become one myself.

oh money where hast thou gone?

i finally manned up and bought the colour sheets.

ouch my pocket.

where children sleep

i think upbringing is a big deal. i think environment has a huge impact of human development.
this book is beautiful in its approach of such an innocent and delicate subject.

James Mollison has an arresting style. his other projects are equally interesting and beautiful.


after waiting and researching about up and coming releases from sufjan stevens for ages now i managed to completely miss the fact that he had a new album out.

i feel like one of those people (namely myself) who walk around with their glasses on their head asking everyone if they've seen their specs.
so i went and bought it yesterday in manchester and i saw right alongside it the new belle and sebastian album, these together combine to show me that i am now officially out of the music loop as not only am i incapable of finding cool hip new bands, i also cannot keep track of the people i liked in the first place.

i kind of am appreciative of this post on the age of adz mostly for it's warnings to stop me spewing out my own cheerios across my kitchen table.

it's nothing new

but i really love this campaign.
i'm a sucker for good advertising

i want to buy the whole men's collection right now.

continuez en avant

still playing around with this camera. still quite enamoured by it.
i'm starting to love the darkroom also which is something i never thought would happen. i'm still not a big fan of enlarging, but developing my negatives is ridiculously relaxing. it's nice to get a break. although all i talk about on here is photography, i'm actually busy busy busy.
chocolate fondu night with the young women, ice skating and hitting the northern quarter of manchester all in the same week may sound like mere fun an frivolity but it's a hard life i lead.


i just found out how much colour 5 x 4 film is

i got me some hot chocolate

i harbor a bit of love for this one

lets take and old fashioned walk

i'm pleased.
even with a shoddy scan in... looks like i'll have to find someway of scanning in large format negatives if i want to carry on this way, and i do.

old mistakes

i like my old mistakes a lot
you look back on them and see they are, in fact, beautiful.

5x4 = wicked awesome

or 20

so i took some pictures over the weekend of james perry and ben and i was pretty scared. its so wonderful using my beautiful camera but i get scared i'm doing it all wrong. but i didn't! i did it all right. it's about time really. third year right.

however i did mess up the development of one image. but ben didn't care because it wasn't of him, i think he told me this as he was doing his mirror face at himself in a reflective surface.