you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

dance dance

Loving this kids dancing could never be wrong

i aint no gamer i aint no hipster either but

i'm really looking forward to this.

oh my orange

this is but a quarter of said orange
as you can probably tell it's from booths

ah hem hem hem

jucy beastie
i have an internship. it's at the place where i volunteer so i'm excited but because it's paid it's going to be a whole new kettle of fish. i am going to get PAID. bank.

its going to be weird doing the full time work thing again even if it is only for a month. i'm super excited, i'm excited to be in the gallery 5 times a week. being there always gives me some kind of inspiration, or hope. i see something which triggers something else for me which is always good as yes i am drawing a blank at the moment. i took some wedding photos as a favour the other week and i'm not especially proud of them. i wish i'd been able to do better but i was unused to the camera i was using and with wedding photography i feel i have to produce a style which isn't my own. basically i'm never going to be able to sell anything i do because i can't create something from someone else's spec. i know mel doesn't mind about her photos so much but i know her family and the grooms family will.

i have to force myself to edit them tonight or they will never get done.

the garden looks nice though. i pat myself on the back for my ultimate and most epic weeding prowess.

you'll never be alone again

my sister thinks i should drop my female friends and start the hunt for a man

i think that would be like shaving all my hair off or cutting off my right hand: painful, embarrassing and completely unnecessary.

i love them too much


i just need to try harder... or try less.

in passing

i've realised i have some prettiness
but it's the kind of prettiness which goes to seed quite easily.
i wish i was one of those people who could get fat and stay nice looking because their jawlines are so chiseled.

"mum and dad are away" treats are probably the opposite of what i should be munching.

lubitel love part II

this is me... alone

i am the only one in this house.

photo flop.

i attempted photoshop

i was going for etherial but i'm not sure if it works with her looking like she's strainging to see what the teacher wrote on the blackboard. i like the colours though.

the line of her neck and the way her hair was done reminded me of a mucha
i'll maybe try this again...

eye eye

lesson learnt

i have come to understand that i have some very special people in my life through being forced to experience what it was like before they came along and what it could be like if they had never existed.

they keep me good
and entertained.