you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours


Sometimes i wish i had something to write about other than my photos.
it seems like my life doesn't revolve around much else. it does though i promise. i just think it would bore other people. i spend a lot of time quietly chatting to my mum as we both potter around the house. i spend some time passionatley ranting at my parents too. i try my hand at sewing and then give up, i try to help out the missionaries a bit, i phone my friends and catch up (more than i should sorry rochelle the annoying calls for no reason are back), i get excited over doing efy this year and that my assignment is the photographer--- see how it just goes straight back to photography.

maybe photography is my way of stopping me thinking of depressing things that sometimes enter my mind, instead of humming my favoutite hymn i start feverishly planning some elaborate shoot which will probably never come to fruition.

i read a lot too. more than i should. maybe another escapism. but also a way of stopping me spending too much money, this is going to be a tight summer and the only expenses allowed are to do with getting my portfolio up to scratch. so i tend to walk into town to the library a lot.
so overall i think i've proved to myself that talking about what i do other than photography is immensly boring and i'll just go back to posting up the photos i manage to create.

worth it?

just incase i haven't posted this picture in enough places
this was the image i was trying to get.
the one that made it worth all the failures (and all that money wasted)

mistakes i should have known i was making

i did that stupid thing again where you put your shutter speed too high in the studio and all your photos get spliced- half becoming completly black- remember how i liked it last time

i did not this time

but i like this photo of manuel. i have a better one in film which i'll scan later.

i have a website



my new favourite place

studio time

i'm pretty proud of myself. i actually really enjoyed using the studio and i managed to get the results i was looking for. these images may be nothing much to anyone else but to me they show my capability to use my tools to successfully get the result i want.


i need singing lessons

singing to ella fitzgerald made me realise this.

sometimes in the fall

oh boy

that release I expected to feel when I handed my last lot of work in didn't come.

I have been jipped!

I think it's because I realize that now I'm going to actually have to work harder than ever. this summer I really need to get up to scratch. i have no portfolio to speak of. i feel i have learnt so much on a critical level but my photography level is laughable I should have been the level I'm at now when I started in my first year. how embarrassing. I can't wait though at the same time. I can't wait for the freedom of my summer projects. I can have as many photo-shoots as i want whenever, I'm looking forward to the freedom from time constraints. I'm looking forward to colour, portraits, skin texture, shine, shadow, love, people my imagined worlds. the ideas are up there I just need to have the courage to get them out. i just don't want to come out of this degree still being average.

bar mitzvah

love boat