you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

favourite pictures of favourite people

a lot of the people i love live so far away so i have to stick their pictures on my walls to remind myself they're real.

i include myself in this montage yes i know. i just like the picture.

england all covered in snow

we went to a local produce kind of shop thing in preston, you know all the local grown, organic food. mum brought her brussel sprouts still on the stem, i got me some pheasant pate and tea pigs. dad got some posh type of bread. it was pretty la di da walking around the place with a miniature shopping trolley. i felt like we were playing at shopping with on of those expensive supermarket sets you get a small spoilt child. and of course i was wearing my hunter welly's and sporting my camera, wish i'd taken my ipad with me and possibly an english pointer and a land-rover just to really prove myself.

i got a little bored of food shopping so i was exploring and i saw this lovely red light falling on the corn... how romantic. i felt like anne of prince edward island in raptures over the sight.

the back of the shop was more farm-like, but the paintwork was this lovely blue, so i took some pictures, as a photography student does.
i quite like this little diptych.

i got me some icicles outside my window, i feel like i'm back in utah.

i broke on off to see what could do with it, sword fights and stuff but it started to melt so quickly. i had to run downstairs and get my dad to take a picture of me before it completely melted, hence no makeup and looking kinda gross but definitely excited. it was much bigger before some of it broke off in the sink.

new camera

got a 5D mark ii
yes! (air punch)

Chorley art scene are go

I've decided my mission for 2011 is to create some kind of art scene in chorley through zines and the Internet, and hopefully exhibitions. I reall enjoyed making my zine and website for my first step into the project.
I think I've figured out what i want to do after uni

Stay in chorley!!!!


But move out.

I really want to get some government funding and work with the local schools colleges to help people see the actual potential for art education, I say this not to be a hippy at all but because when i was at parklands we learnt picasso and we drew with pencil crayons. There was no understanding at to the relevance of this particular class we just liked drawing so we drew for 2 hours a class. Or dossed and set fire to the desk if you were one of he chavs in the class. I didn't have a clue about art theories, art history, modern parcticioners or what I would do with this like i had for drawing and collies. I got to college and again we jus drew I didn't understand why i was doing it or where it would lead so i ended up dropping out deciding archaeology was the thing for me instead.

It wasn't

But I would love kids and adults to know that if the like drawing there are paths it can lead down.

So I'm going to get a local job, a local flat and work towards getting government funding for this idea of mine and see if i can cause some change in my hometown.

nice one mum

washing up today wearing a high waisted flared skirt and heels i asked my mum if i looked like a 50's housewife, she said yes, one who's friends with MR T!