you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

it's funny



Leah and i braved a 4 hour drive to go to bath to meet up for some group date type thing. it was pretty lovely. the place and the people. the bits i enjoyed the most were the carol concert in the abbey and the carousel. the abbey was packed with people who i'm sure were wondering how they'd managed to get seated in the building when they were just generally following the crowd in front of the entrance. we sang the carols and some choir boy did a solo (not a guitar one though there was a carved angel rocking on a lute). the priest told a joke about good king wenceslas's favourite pizza being deep and crisp and even. i felt extremely jolly and christmassy.
i loved the drive down with leah talking history and life, i love that she's as intense as i am. but she's probably a little bit more fun.
i feel like i've only had a taster of the place though. its so hard to see everything in just a few hours. i need to keep going back to love it and know it. i find big bustling cities really scary until i find my own niche within them like i have with manchester.

some pictures i enjoy from the visit.

yo chorley, how you doing

fave picture from new chorley project.

most came out badly.... lets hope the forcast is wrong about snow on monday and tuesday. i need more picture!!!

get behind me, santa

i've started this years christmas cd.

feeling a little giddy.

Unexpected lessons

Someone shared an article with me today called “The Transforming Power of Faith and Character," by Richard G. Scott. It knocked my mind back into place, all my thoughts which were at panic stations due to my lack of juggling skills with my responsibilities, are now back to flowing a little more happily along.
I have a lot to think about
Getting the grades I want at uni, working out what comes next after uni, money, my calling at church where I have responsibility for the 14-15 year old girls to teach and help them, trying to be social as I do genuinely want to find someone to love and he ain't in the north west of England, helping my parents as they help two sets of aging stubborn grandparents etc etc
But this article helped me realize a few thing about myself, it says that

Faith and character are intimately related. Faith in the power of obedience to the commandments of God will forge strength of character available to you in times of urgent need. Such character is not developed in moments of great challenge or temptation. That is when it is intended to be used.

Quite rousing. I realized I do have the character needed in me, built up from years of experience, and i can get through these things in my life, the towering uncertainty, the desires to escape through mindless media- hence my re reading of Harry potter and countless other childrens books which have swam my way (but i have still been learning Percy Jacksons been helping me scrub up on my Greek myths ahem). all this escapism which i have been selling into including my having these crazy desires to think about shoes and clothes and makeup instead of what i should be doing. I've been lusting over a pair of French connection shoes for going on a month now, I got to the point where I cut a picture of them out of the catalogue and fixed it on my mirror.

Here again the article helped

Material things do not of themselves produce happiness and satisfaction and the joy of attainment on earth. Nor do they lead us to exaltation. It is nobility of character, that fabric of inner strength and conviction woven from countless righteous decisions, that gives life its direction.

Those shoes won't give me satisfaction, just smugness. Caring for those girls, getting the grades, working hard to figure out what I want to do with my life and helping my parents will bring that satisfaction. I threw away the picture of the shoes and am starting over. Today marks the days when I man up and take on my responsibilities head on.

Thanks Richard G. Scott and Suzanne who reminded me about it.

to make myself feel better

i have actually taken some pictures i like
just a couple though

it's odd when you start using large format cameras because you hardly take pictures anymore. you just think about taking pictures a lot and store the ideas up for when you can next afford film and lug the camera around. i kind of miss just taking pictures for fun right now, i need to get my konica out again.
i can't get myself going. 12 o clock and no pictures.
stupid late nights.


there is something really satisfying about looking all round the highstreet for some shoes you have a picture of in your mind, then finding them by chance in your size in a charity shop in chorley.

nothing beats it.

dad says they are slippers
do i care?

deadlines tomorrow

lets see what goes wrong today.
thankfully i've turned into a hard worker, i can't imagine what third year would be like if i was still the slacker i was at 14.
positive attitude.


boo uni work when it all goes wrong
hello camera obscura and the dancing you make me do

this song makes me happy in my momentary melancholy.
maybe because the song is happy in its own melancholy.

dot to dot

i wonder if my images need to match so much. it could be interesting to do a dot to dot of my memories. images of people, places and objects that make up who i am? do i need one theme? or can i have many? or is that just being overly self-indulgent?

maybe i could just put it on an ikea bookshelf, it just feels right to fill them with swedish books i can't ever hope to understand.

new uk edition

oh thats right- really boring.

spoilt much

my parents spoil the living daylights out of me.
i can no longer claim to be the forgotten child. kind parents.


round two
ding ding