you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

uh huh mm hmm

i love this picture of my grumpy mug. the colours are delicious.

and in return

I'm researching contemporary photographers who are in the industry i want to follow (for an essay). so far the industry i want is 'i take pictures when i like of what i like.'

that idea sits particularly well in my mind.

it's interesting how the same photographers have stayed my favourite throughout my course.
it's interesting that the photographers i like all believe in a kind of seeing which goes against the old kodak slogan of "you push the button and we do the rest." it's making a picture, creating something carefully and skillfully

Rineke Dijkstra is fantastic. i was reading an interview she did and i loved how she takes photographs for herself. i love their serene beauty.

and i also have always adored alec soth

good job i finally got myself a 5x4 camera so i can at least attempt to keep up with them. now for that seeing part.

i was just made aware of this

how did it pass me by it's absolute love

oh what a surprise

it's raining
and i'm already bored of it.

get a new routine north west england.



i went to visit my sister in essex. i took a train over to see ben on the first night and we went along the beach/pier bit, tried (and i failed) at longboarding and ate donuts (which i could hardly manage).

i felt more like myself this night than i have in a long time. i've missed that feeling where i'm free to do anything, where the weather is nice and i have good company and a poncho.

i don't really do wedding photography

first lot of scanning done... hurrah

the courage of others

i have 6 films which need to be developed,
2 in the process of being used.

i have nothing to show for myself as yet

but i like this

The birthday party by Vee Speers