you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

i do really love my gift.

only yesterday

it's not so bad

only two out of the ten pictures gained
i ache from walking round manchester
and love rochelle for aching with me.

scary times

today i'm starting my documenatary project for reals.

but i tried tying my hair back in a new way today and it looks quite nice so that makes me feel better.
even if it is a bit 90's

minus the scrunchie

i found this article and it made me think i should try a little harder in my own work, be it writing or photography. i'm too selfish.
while this isn't about how to create christian art the people who's work it refers to makes me feel microscopic.

toot toot

my mum found this in someone house she was clearing out. it was on its way to a charity shop thank goodness i saw it.
mum said i could have it as long as i promised not to put my lips on it



i would really like to try and figure out how to make a decent website.
mine sucks
i don't understand computers.

the start of something


i like em.
they can stay.
i really like the way my project is looking thanks to libs. there are some interesting problems with collaborating. like to be honest it sometimes makes me sad that i am not the photographer of these amazing photos i hold, but its a collaborative effort and its both of us who have created the photos. i guessssssss.
I'm so glad libs has such a lovely style to her photography she gave the right feel to a project which i was afraid might fail.

I'm glad i have lovely friends who help me not take myself too seriously and help me just have fun. and be ok with wasting film. mostly that one. you find the film isn't wasted in the end but better than anything you could have planned.

now to scanning.

thankyou youtube

i love it.

2 best features my white dungarees and how high naomi's jumper is tied round her waist. thankyou 90's

hair mugshots

i like my siblings

they are most pleasant.