you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

well it is supposed to snow this week...

bored with me

i felt for a little while that i was trying to be something i was not.
i was trying to suppress all the parts of me that i felt were maybe frivolous or over the top, things that i felt were materialistic. but i realised yesterday that these things are what make me who i am. i love that i like teapots and teapigs, books with beautiful covers and illustrations and flowery dresses, i love watching sweet films with happy endings and music which makes me want to dance. i love dancing. i really love it. i miss trying to play my guitar, i love reading national geographics and children's books and making deserts that sound like they're going to be nicer than they are (honey cake....). i love the sound of nico's voice especially rochelle's impressions of it. i love making my own notecards and going for brief but bracing walks. i love spending my money at open markets especially when it means i get more than i bargained for.
and i love my course at university. i love that i'm expanding and learning and becoming the person i always wanted to be when i was young. i'm starting to realise that my dreams can come true (thanks walt) and that when i follow the Lord's plan for me he takes me on a journey more exciting than i ever could have planned for myself.

i like who i am i don't need to change it.

something that goes wrong can be right

i dislike iconoclasm

give a 2nd year photography class the title iconoclasm- just a whole lot of religious insults.

so so controversial

lubitel love

i like my little free camera. thankyou nathanael.

i like that this scientific process full of things i don't understand creates lovely things.

inspiration from rochelle's bed

i find myself really funny in the morning then by about mid-day i realise i'm not.

baby don't be sad

i actually can't get enough of this song

how exciting how exciting

i just put in 3 medium format and one black and white films to be processed. its very exciting i really can't wait to see what's on them as 3 of them were images taken using a medium format camera which was given to me by a friend and i took some portraits in the studio with them. and also i took some pictures of the temple on a beautiful day full of sweeping pinks. i have a feeling the black and white may have got exposed but i hope not....

i love waiting for my film.