you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

my shelves are full of things i don't understand.

i'm a girl from the north-west country.

i saw this vinyl in preston market when i had no money. it made me want to take beautiful pictures and to be brave.

because these are some beautiful ladies.

no one has the guts to shut us out

some songs are just made all ready for a film soundtrack

some aren't but they're usually used anyway and in the wrong context.

it's the fort that counts

pinkish light and duck down,
and sticks and chairs and flags,
and pillows and love and douvets,
and time that never drags.
pretty melodies and kicking legs,
and snacks and fairy tales,
and sleeping and not sleeping,
our fort, it never fails.

tonight will be all i have left

i think looking at other people's photo's depresses me.

i need to be more brave.

i think you're just so pleasant

i love weekends with libs and rochelle.
there have only been 2 so far,
but there are more to come.
i've been playing with a lot of new ideas recently, all stemming from my horse and her boy photograph. i'm enjoying writing, taking photographs, reading and i'm thinking i want to combine them into a sort of scrapbook journal for my horsegirl.

i hope that isn't lame. i understand it might be, but it's also something i can really do- i can put my all into it.

so i'm going to create this journal, of horse and her boys... yes now there are more than one, and i'm going to not hold back. how exciting.
i think that the enthusiasm i had before christmas is slowly creeping back. which is nice.
i also think i know what dulls it.

anything you can i do i can do better

no i can't...
i need a skill,

like computer hacking
or cage fighting.

ok so i'm obsessed with birds

just to make myself not look so fixated

i've got a fever

songs i like which have cowbell

the blues are still blue- belle and sebastian
talk to me, dance with me- hot hot heat
low rider- war
us v them- lcd soundsystem
house of jealous lovers- the rapture
tonight i have to leave it- shouts out louds