you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

its nice to know i'm not the only one

Allan Arbus " ...Whenever we did a picture we liked, we couldn't go to sleep. We'd stay up all night looking at it. We were just two terrified, totally uninformed, wildly enthusiatic photographers."

so i had actually decided a bit ago that i wasn't going to go into fashion photography as i don't want to be involved in an industry full of things i don't agree with, but i actually quite enjoyed my photo shoot yesterday, especially afterwards when i was playing around on photoshop. you have quite a lot more freedom with what you do in fashion, it doesn't necessarily have to means anything or make a specific point it just has to catch your eye and look pretty, showing off the clothes and the images that particular brand wants to put across. i have found however that i have a style of some sort which isn't very edgy or cool. i just like the colours to be soft and the image to look a little dreamlike, something i still haven't got down yet at all but basically me and edgy aren't the bestest friends. i can't decide how i feel about this. i also have this repulsion to creating a photograph i don't personally like and i find it hard to create an image which is what someone else has in mind... if that makes sense. and i've found that not a huge amount of people like my style.
which is why if i do art i don't have to give a handful of smarties what someone else likes.

i'm starting to really understand myself through photography. my subconsciousness is kicking its way out through the images i take, which is extremely helpful to my well being actually. i'm starting to see the power for good art has. which is another reason why i choose it over fashion. why do i want to get into all that when it isn't doing something which helps me or others. i'd like to get involved in fashion projects next year which are looking to make a difference .
or something like that.

had a photoshoot for real today, i posted up the images before then i started really getting into the editing so here some i like that i did today.

scimper scamper what's for dinner

creepy creepy
it's so so stupid for me to be bothered by this but the soundrack to new moon is really good, but because it's new moon now a bunch of gasping and sighing 14 year old girls, who associate the music with the way edward kissed bella or how uber hot jacob was when he took his shirt off, also love it. this makes me a little sad. it was the same for the flightless bird american mouth song by iron & wine from the first movie. i should instead be glad that artists i like are now rolling in money but stilllll.

but i do love film


scanning negatives is the most physically and emotionally exhausting thing i have done in my life. i've been scanning for 4 and a half hours and i still have 1 roll of medium format and 2 and a half of 35mm. the suspense and waiting time has driven me to my emotional edge and things that don't bother me now seem of great significance and things that will bring on my swift emotional demise.
i can't believe i thought i could get this done in one day.

lucy heart

just did a very fast impromtu photoshoot for lucy to put on her boutiques website, lucy heart. thank goodness for photoshop is all i have to say

a gossip on romance

by Robert Louis Stevenson

"In anything fit to be called by the name of reading, the process itself should be absorbing and voluptuous; we should gloat over a book, be rapt clean out of ourselves, and rise from the perusal, our mind filled with the busiest, kaleidoscopic dance of images, incapable of sleep or of continuous thought. The words, if the book be eloquent, should run thenceforward in our ears like the noise of breakers, or the story, if it be a story, repeat itself in a thousand coloured pictures to the eye. It was for this last pleasure that we read so closely, and loved our books so dearly, in the bright, troubled period of boyhood."

this ran thenceforward in my ears like the noise of breakers.

while we're on the subject

i love this picture of roddy woomble    
there is a lot of good music which i can't afford to buy right now so i thank the sparkly orbs above for having spotify. I'm currently enjoying renewing my old flame idlewild their new album is rather enjoyable. it makes me dance in my seat as i work. this video really made me wish i hadn't missed my opportunity to see them live.

horse and her boy

another photshoot another mental breakdown.
i just found it quite poignant when signing into this blog it questioned in a friendly manner, if i wanted it to remember me.

i wish everyone had this button. i haven't surfaced for social air in a while. university has taken over, but its been so exhilerating that i didn't even notice the lack of real human contact as opposed to my telling them where to stand and look. the only social events i have now are photoshoots.

but there are a few people like this blog who like to remember me. i like that.