you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

back at uni. back at fumbling around trying to do things of photographic nature and finding myself surprised by the result. i really enojyed playing in the studio with rachael today. we both feel super more confident amongst the lights, umbrellas, diffusers and paper screens. we still have a way to go. i forgot pretty much everything we learnt at our studio induction but they would insist on telling us all about the studio at the very end of the first year right before the holidays.

i'm proper getting sick of taking photos

which isn't probably a good thing as i just started uni again. I've been taking a break from taking photos from for the last week. it's felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I'm excited to get started on projects and such thought but coming away from social events with over 700 images has been putting me into slight panic attacks.

something nice however is that my new necklace was delivered today. it's Disney couture and i have lusted after it for a long time. I'm very grateful for sales.

bethan stilgoe is afterparty's number one fan. this is a fact that would have been hard for anyone who attended their gig to miss. i'm enjoying supporting afterparty, especially when it provides me with music to dance to and a dark room in which to do it with and people with whom to dance with all for £5.

pre gig involved getting waffles at a yellowcard pub in manchester- they were a disappointment but the company wasn't

to die by your side...

why is it all films that want to be alternative include the smiths. it might be my age the fact that i missed the smiths boat but i actually could live without them. sorry.
vagabond by wolfmother however. that can stay.

so i went to see 500 days of summer with jake and i really enjoyed it. it was nice watching something that made me smile extremely widely just because a song i liked came on, or because there was an impromptu dance scene. i must say though it was extremely scary to watch a girl like summer and see some likenesses to myself in there. not at all because i am this wonderful beautiful girl which she was being portrayed to be. the kind that gets double takes wherever she goes and makes deep impacts upon people's lives. it's more so my tendency to teeter on the edge of friendship and romance with boys. not that i would ever take it as far as summer but i realised i pride myself on not playing with people's emotions. but i actually might be decieveing myself.


i got a fish eye lens!

lee wasn't as impressed though.

pippaaarrrggghhh (stole my wedding)

so i went to pippa and russell's wedding. i will never be able to have such a beautiful classy wedding as she had and it devestates me. it was the most perfect wedding. everything was exactly how i would have liked it. bunting, floral table runners and green roses. pippa is one classy girl.


because we can't get enough of each other we went camping after convention. dan bore his testimony today and in it he compared our efy experience to a mission, those friendships we formed came through our serving together and the love we have for each other came about through obedience, consecration and teamwork, oh and having amazing co-ordinators like ben and naomi.

i can't kenneth cope

ysa convention 2009!!! not usually my thing but this year was lovely lovely. i feel very happy to have made so many friends with common interests and humour etc etc but i had already met them before convention anyway. beth challenged me to get a boys number because of my habbit of making new girlfriends everywhere i go but yet again i made new girlfriends but it's only beth who is sorry.


paris is actually as good as people always say it is. all those songs the diva's sing about how nice it is when its drizzling or sizzling spoke truth and i am all the more pleased for it. carter (my alaskan friend) invited me to come stay with him and his parents in the most divine flat! we ate our way through many baguettes and cheeses on beautifully delicate china plates and ate yoghurt and muslei out of small cups. we went the very tourist route with our activities. day one included a visit to the opera house the phantom of the opera is supposedly based on (minus the undergroud lake which me and carter's mum were dissapointed about) and a tour of the louve.

second day was a trip to versailles which was a great addition to my french revolution kick i'm on right now- a product of the scarlet pimpernel. it was infact the definaition of oppulence. and then day three me and carter hunted out breakfast (hoping for crepes but finding the parisians sleep in saturdays monings)
and then hitting the champs elysees, l'arc de triomphe and the tour l'eiffel. which was full of people forcing souvineers down into your hands exclaiming 4 euro no 3 euro i give you 4 for 1 euro. i made the mistake of buying some tacky eifel tower keyrings, 4 for 1 euro, and then was hounded by another seller with the ugliest eifel tower crystal replica. i kep saying no thankyou i don't like it i think it's ugly so he pressed a button to make some lights flicker and dance which did not increase it's appeal to me in the slightest. carter's mum came and dragged me away in a very protective fashion scaring all the foreign vendors around and we wern't bothered by them again. the tower was much bigger than i thought it was. it was huge. we decided not to go to the top but to sit on the grass and eat chocolate and banana crepes. it was most idyllic. i found it really hard when i had to leave. it was such a beautiful city and carter's parents were so nice. i guess i have to get back to reality at some point though.