you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

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i have a new blog for photography exclusively. this might be interesting for those 2 people that read this. carter and naomi i think that's you. well its my attempt to try and advertise myself and it means that i'll have to think of something other than my photographs to talk about on here...

enjoy x

i do

quite like these pictures

i don't know if the bride and groom will want them but i really like them.

the start of my wedding portfolio?

some of the images I'm editing at the moment.


oh YEAH and i was a photographer at hannah and alex's wedding on friday. that was stressful but i feel like i am improving. photoshop skills are still a bit shaky though. BUT i must say i did a good job. i feel i am just as good as many photographers i've seen that rave about themselves. i just need to have more confidence and i could be rolling in commercialized portraiture money.
I went visiting to london this weekend and was able to go explore the british museum on my own the day i left. I loved it, even more so because i could put my suitcase in a cloakroom and happily stroll around feeling weightless and less sweaty than when i was traversing round the underground. i had vowed to myself that i would not be shopping in london because there is so much more to do and i really don't like shopping (and i have very little money) but i forgot the fact that i was visiting my sister and so shopping would be the priority. ah well hopefully next time i'll get to finally hit the V&A.
i took some pictures in the south america section as well but i don't want to bog this thing down with pictures so i just put some that were landscape and fit together.
i cannot stop watching the american office.
i just finished season 2
i don't want to do anything but watch season 3. and continue making origami tulips for the friday forum.