you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

what doesn't kill you...

landscape work is something i find really hard. i just can't feel interested (unless its amazing, which is something i can't achieve) in the scene without some sort of presence be it human, animal whatever, something to hold my interest. i always feel that landscape can't do justice to what can actually be seen with our panoramic eye and mind, the thoughts and emotions we can feel in real life and the context of what we see just cannot be translated into an image for me. that kind of why with photography i want to capture things that cannot be seen with the eye or can only be imagined with the mind.
well here are my attempts.

feeling grood, good and great

just bought a bunch of medium format colour film. i actually cannot wait for my photoshoot with the bronica next wednesday.

today has been nice and productive. tuesday has become mine and rachael's props day. we hunt through preston market to find things to inspire us or to use in stuff we got going on. i got a victorian style white shirt (£3) for next weeks shoot and a wooden rabbit with red eyes(£2). she got a oriental birdcage (for free) and a long red eastern style dress and a parasol all for £6
thus commenced prop tuesday.

a whole lot of folio perfection

i am waiting in anticipation for this little beauty to make its home on my shelf.

town mouse country house

a couple of images which i actually think will create quite a nice series. i think i could actually do this photography lark for ril someday.

lighting kits are wonderful things! even though i get super stressed out i really enjoyed carting round my massive trolly of lighting equiptment. i'm so glad i have so many friends willing to pose for me. i'm also glad they don't mind when i get all angry and tempremental.

manual labour

this is me and all my men

and i bet you can't see it but this is nature's tribute to daft punk
i love autumn sunlight