you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

weekend tripping

danielle, emily and i have kept in touch with lucas who we met in the lake district in february, and have also met some of his friends, andy, joe and now jack and elliot through subsequent activities we've had since. as lucas and i are going to be playing some songs at mossfest real soon we decided to visit southampton where he lives to practice and play out. it was exactly what i needed.
we arrived friday afternoon and decided to go to bournemouth beach which was wonderful i LOVE bournemouth. the water was perfect and i was so happy to be there. i didn't really bring clothes i could wear to swim in the sea over my swimsuit all i had was my already skin coloured top. i felt extremely self conscious walking around.

lucas promised we could go on the carousel but for some reason thought he'd just be standing and watching. what a stupid thing to think.

the whole weekend busy but relaxing. we went fishing at one point which was a first for me. i don't think i have the patience for it though. i sat with this crabbing kit next to a little girl who had a short pink net and she was reeling them in, every other minute she had a new crab and i sat there pulling up my line over and over always to find no one was interested in the mass of bacon i was using for bait. maybe crabs are like dogs and sense your fear.

i wish people were more up for outdoor activities here in chorley rather than just going out to eat, or to the cinema, or shopping, or staying in and watching films. i think they're all fun now and again but i get so bored of it all the time. i'm glad i had a whole weekend of it ti tide me over, or just maybe leave me dissatisfied.


i kind of want to keep it

rag and bone

i'm having a garage sale. lack of money and inability to get a job due to schedules combined with the redecoration of my room have given me the great idea of selling my unwanted stuff onto others. i'm really excited, i'm finally going to be able to sell the cards i made in bulk last year and i'm going to have space to move in my room! i found some old mini canvases so i thought i'd paint some to sell too. this is the start of one, as you can probably tell i really like bird related things. i'm afraid of birds and their beaks though so this love goes as far as their painted image and maybe seeing them at binocular range...

oh yeah and my old cd's are going in the sale, i'm sitting and listening to them as a last farewell, i'm glad i don't listen to yellowcard anymore. i'm sure some 15 year old boy will love my old music!
they used to make me feel so passionate and emotive

how embarrassing.

i'm rob and i like to party

no body parties but me.

has anyone seen my dignity i think i may have left it at EYF training.

ok i admit i just added at least 3 more moves to my original 6 that means i can dance longer until each rotation.

great expectations

i just sat and ate dinner in the wedding dress i feel like miss havisham.
we are laying new carpets in the bedrooms so there has been a lot of shifting around of stuff. we went through the loft to make space for new stuff to go in and found lots of treasure which i have stolen for myself. amongst all the paraphernalia was my mother's wedding dress. it is absolutely covered in stains and has this awful frill at the bottom but i tried it on and fell absolutely in love!! my mum made the dress herself using scolloped lace. i tried it on and it fits perfectly. i'm so sad it's stained though, it would be impossible to repair but mum still has the original pattern she thinks so i'm all set.
where's that groom?

i can't help it

so while editing these wedding pictures i seem to have made each picture very different from the next, i can't seem to find a style yet. there are some photos that i LOVE how i have done them but i actually can't remember what i did in photoshop to make them that way. i'm starting a photojournal now so i can actually remember what i've done. i have to keep going back and re editing the photographs so they at least slightly match each other.

anyway other than photography i'm looking forward to being an EFY counsellor this year, and being the photography for EFY manchester aswell. i think it will be two very tiring but rewarding weeks. i'm excited to see what i can do photography wise with EFY. i will hopefully have a nice little speedlight and diffuser by then so i can get crisper pictures. we shall see. i have a slideshow to make for the friday night of manchester friday aswell so each night i'll have to sit and pick out the photos of the day and edit them ready for the slideshow. i'm hoping they give me a room on campus because it would be so much easier then i can just put my computer in there and relax. i guess this is the one time i have slightly regretted not getting a mac book i have my huge imac to lug around but at least it has no tower and loads of wires.

i think it will be interesting to see if i make any new friends i hope i don't behave completely socially inept as i am prone to do. it will be nice to get to know people in prep for the YSA conference. i think the main thing that has made me want to go to the conference this year is that there is going to be a carousel at the formal dance. i cant wait!