you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

those frenchies seek him everywhere

I'm just read the scarlet pimpernel and have moved on the it's sequel because i just love all it's outlandishness and impossibilities. i find the french revolution quite sad, the thought of crowds gathered to watched hundreds and hundreds of people have their heads cut off by a guillotine really repulses me. that absolute thirst for blood crowds had of watching public executions is mind blowing to me. i understand that we as a culture are not that different in out lust for blood now but i rationalize our public screenings of horror films like saw by the fact that they aren't really happening.
i love the scarlet pimpernel's character too, i love the foppish rich men being described in these books as being so handsome, so statuesque and manly yet covered in lace and diamonds and obsessed with their own slender hands and dainty dancing. in my mind these descriptions produce something quite ridiculous.
thomas allen may be pushing his way level with chip kidd in my mind because of these creations.

back up

after thursday nights activity at institute i have decided that my life may lay with the ice cream scoop ( a pampered chef one of course). danielle and i made quite a tag team and i reminded myself of the waitress in the emperor's new groove. we had names each of the ice cream sundaes we designed. there was the marykate and ashley which was cookies and vanilla ice cream, the jason mraz a strawberry sauce and jelly tots combination, the bill gates which was after eights and mint and chocolate ice cream and then the mr t a snickers toffee and chocolate creation. i loved calling them by these names and people would ask for the mint one and i'd yell out to danielle BILL GATES ITS A BIL GATES.
this is why i should drop all and create my own ridiculously named ice cream parlor with danielle.
i would like to note that i have never created such a mess in my life. i was in charge of scooping and danielle for toppings and sauce. it worked well apart from when we kept forgetting the order and danielle would cover my ice cream scoop with various sauces.
we also had striped aprons. life does not really get much better.


and i'm back on photoshop.
taking a break while i annotate my project... 9 at night does not mix well with homework in my mind but i must push through and get it done. just a week of work left.

the devil's what?

I really love country air. and country ground and country rivers and country caves. and the ymca.