you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

I'll meet you after school

the intro to 'look at me (when i rock wichoo)' makes all my troubles melt away.
in fact the whole song takes me on a journey of dance to a place where a disco ball reflects sparkling lights onto the walls and people dance around me on roller-skates.

her morning elegance

this has probably been seen a lot by anyone who goes on youtube ever. i don't go on really but i came across this while i was looking up images by maggie taylor. I like it very much.

living in the past

i'm currently trying very very hard to create a documentary project in book form. it covers my life before and after i went to university in america and all the emotional upheavals i went through and how i've got through it, learnt and grown and come out the other side healed. it's a little intense.
i gave my idea for it as a group presentation at university with the title "how personal is too personal" and apparently in your face over personal, here are excperts from my journals personal is not too personal. so i'm doing it to get a mega good grade (which i probably won't achieve). i can't help feeling like one of those authors who pour their hearts out about their abusive childhoods. i feel like Jade Goody who through her face and story being plastered everywhere i looked caused me to live through her pain and mourn her death when i didn't want to. my book does talk about some of the pain i went through but overall i'm trying so so hard to make it something than looks at finding joy in loss, an recovering from experiences that have caused pain. i want it to be positive because my experience was positive.
more than anything i just don't want to feel like i'm pushing my life into someone's face.
i guess i kind of am by having a blog though...

oh all right

ladies and gentlemen. the bride and groom.

the big day

You were a child
Crawling on your knees toward him
Making momma so proud
But your voice is too loud
We like to watch you laughing
Picking insects off of plants
No time to think of consequences

Control yourself
Take only what you need from him
A family of trees wanting to be haunted
Control yourself
Take only what you need from him

The water is warm
But it's sending me shivers
A baby is born
Crying out for attention
Memories fade
Like looking through a fogged mirror
Decisions too
Decisions are made
Decisions are made and not bought
But I thought this wouldn't hurt a lot
I guess not

a very beth and lee wedding. perfect.
to mr and mrs jackson.
It is about 5 days till my sisters wedding now. It feels extremely surreal. only 5 days till i have to wear an orange dress. i am not looking forward to being on actual pictures i feel that job is better executed by others.
an orange dress though.
how will i ever look normal?

spring brings with it many distractions

This small decorative attempt almost made me fail my course. I never thought flowers in a new zealand blossom honey pot could ever be so distracting.
I guess the honey was tesco's finest.