you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

giant glowing eyed panthers and other adventures

the lake district can be a pretty scary place. we almost fell into a monster infested lake while driving round the steepest cliffs ever formed. also we found that someone had removed the great wall of china from where it should be and placed it quite unceremoniously on the path we were taking up scafell. so all those satellites are going to be very confused. we were chased down by a ghost panther with flaming eyes when we walked around muncaster castle in the pitch black while a woman stared at us from a window above, menacingly willing the panther on. his tail wrapped round my leg like a whip i was lucky to have escaped. we saw a lot of UFO's also but none of them stopped for a chat.
it makes you appreciate the slow life really.

advances in photoshop

yesterday in class i felt i finally learnt something about photoshop. we were taught all about photomontages and collages etc etc and i feel quite content that i can now put things together on photoshop.
here is my first real attempt.

I'm back in the lovely england with a new understanding of myself and of what i should be doing with myself. holidays tend to do that do me. I have found that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world or who you are with the only thing that determines one’s happiness is one’s own attitude. I had an idea that once i was around the people i loved when i lived in Provo and back in a place where i lived one of the happiest years of my life i would feel that again, and i did love it but i realized that i can be just as happy as i was then now. i can be just fine in England even if life isn’t as socially active and the weather isn’t as wonderful. And i have already started on this. I’m already happier.

you can take the cat out of the jungle...

the whole time i was over in provo i was stalked by Naomi's cat moses. i have to admit i loved the attention.