you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

hush hush

probably shouldn't put this up as beth and lee might end up using it for thier engagement picture but i don't think so at the same time. more attempts at photoshoping images to make them look like i took a good photo in the first place.

i cannot wait to go to america. it makes me feel a bit sick when i think how soon i'll be getting on a plane. not because i'm afraid of flying but i'm afraid of going through customs. they're so mean! i actually can't believe i'm going to a place i once lived for a year. it feels like it didn't even happen sometimes. and i'm stinking happy about staying at naomi's and seeing her face for real again. but i have just been given a really long titled calling- stake activities chairman for ysa and yes we have our first massive activity on friday the 14th. i leave for america on the 16th so i really would have liked that day to pack, maybe make sure my homework is sorted for the trip etc. it's a little stressful thinking about it but i'm sure i'll push through it...

oh and here's a cat photo for naomi
today i went to my brother's house to take some photo's of my nephew and their dog millie. this is my favourite photo from the lot. it was interesting as martin (my brother) had exactly the same views on photos as my dad it seems. they both don't like my tendency to cut heads off at the top like and egg with a spoon (or a knife if you want to start a war over it). i don't know why i do it it's just really aesthetically pleasing to me to not have stuff behind the head. i feel the emotions are seen well when you go right into the face... maybe it's too up close and personal or maybe it just looks like i can't take a picture to save my life.
the other photo's aren't quite like this one they're more playful and the dog is in a million different awkward positions because she wouldn't stay still. i don't know which one they'll like best but i pick this one for me.

england's rolling hills

I had dreams of countryside grandeur and so dragged joe up to white coppice where there is a lovely view of the temple from the only spot i know how to get too, it was so cold and we spent the first part of the very short walk laughing at the people that are uncool enough to wear hiking boots. We finally got to the point and the fog completely obscured the temple spire and also introduced us in a most unfriendly way to the elements we had been protected from on the walk up. We then spent the walk down complaining about how rubbish our footwear was and wishing we had worn some hiking boots. I guess that's called poetic justice. I attempted to take some landscape shots. I have never been interested in countryside and landscape shots mostly because i feel they can never do justice to what you actually see and secondly because i think the no doing justice part was down to my lack of skill. I thought i give it a go though and i think they're alright. Not majestic but enough to make naomi feel maybe a little bit homesick for Chorley.

I missed my affianced sister this christmas as she gadded with lee down in the a bit more sunny south of england. christmas day was my parents, my grandparents and me.

However i have never had so much fun with my grandparents. I think me and Beth tend to gang up on the rest of the family when we're together and intimidate with our giggling, whispering and then long periods of tensed miffness as we have insulted each other again. i took pictures of us all because now every time i see my grandparents part of me thinks what if this is the last time i see them. i particularly enjoyed photographing my grandparents in yorkshire as their house is the epitome of a northern ex miner ex pub owner's house.