you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

liberty and freedom for one and all

Today i handed in my last project. I feels so unburdened. Now my thoughts can actually go towards tidying...
so i finally completed all the darkroom work which i actually now love. i though i'd never get the hang of it but i did i think. i think i have done quite well considering i have never done photography especially darkroom photography until i started this course. i guess.

yuletide cheer

my dream has finally come true. i have been in a christmas jumper photograph. no matter that we were posing in the style of russell's rugby team it's there and i have it forever. you may look too if you like

so now it is definitely Christmas because before it wasn't. i should have done a lot more homework as my last deadline is this friday but i keep lapsing in concentration as i think that christmas is only a week on thursday. how can a girl concentrate when she knows she's just days away from those 24 hours of magic.
and for some reason i can;t stop making and eating chocolate pecan pie, i think this is christmas magic also.

i let my frailty take the wheel

completely uninspired and rubbish at taking photographs. but all my essays are fine. shame its a photography course and at the end of it i need to be able to take a photo not write about doing it. curses.

however i have a week left of doing uni work, with only one class left and then i am living the christmas dream for like 3 weeks!!!!! maybe i'll use all that time to get a grip.
i actually LOVE doing my homework. i guess working for 3 years does that for you. especially when the first year of it was in a stinking office. so i guess i better finish up the scraps of work i have left to do for my digital module file, and then i will probably spend this last week panicking over my darkroom work which although is better, is less put together.

on an interesting note i have discovered that after years of avoiding it it is actually ok for me to wear yellow. this is a turning point in my life.