you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

my new nemesis

i know its shallow but i am almost brought to tears by how many of my favourite items of clothing now have dark room chemical stains all over them. i have decided that they can't have been caused by me because mostly they are on the tops of my arms so i'm going to freely blame anyone who has ever been in the dark room with me in a way to lash out and ease the pain.
dark room chemical and me have an on going battle, now i have licked it off my lips by mistake thus making me sick and ruined my favourite grey cardigans. maybe it is my fault but i'd like to think the chemicals are out to get me.

so i guess its free byu t shirts and jogging bottoms for me on tuesdays now. how embarrassing.

some things i love right now

just to document the facts.
mansfield park
rag and bone- the white stripes
tailored men's trousers (triple pleats)
russian dolls
fuzzy jumpers with pockets
dance macabre-Camille Saint-Saƫns
bagels with cream cheese
ginger beer and lime

sometimes i just love how a photo turns out. i spend so much time agonizing over the settings and exposure i'm starting to find this whole photography thing a lot harder than i ever thought it would be. however these photos made me so happy, and made me think maybe i should stop worring so much and just have a laugh, take some pictures, have some fun.... i also owe this to a documentary on lomography so please visit . i did try and have more fun with my lomo its just one of the cheap novelty ones and £11.50 and two films later i had about 4 pictures i liked. but still i'm learning. im actually finding darkroom a lot more enjoyable. i think having a subject to work on helps. we were given the title "where i live" and i have loved this project. i've been doing a lot of still lives based on ideas from 17th century dutch paintings and i'm enjoying constructing scenes and filling the pictures with meaning. maybe i'll scan in some of my negatives onto here. i guess direction and fun are all you really need.
so none of my photos are edited really. this is because i am counting myself lucky to be able to negotiate my way around the internet and pages documents. i'm not so computer handy and every lesson we get on photoshop at uni involves me with my face in my hands in complete despair. so i apologies for the lack of quality in my photos. one day perhaps me and photoshop will be a tale of epic romance.

all hallows

my favourites from halloween, and two i am going to use in my first house exhibition which should be fun. halloween this year was a party at the wilds with an orange and black theme. all i really knew about what i wanted to be was that i wanted it to be pretty. last year i was an ice nymph or a frost fairy or basically something silver with long eyelashes, this year i was the season autumn as autumn pixie didn't really work out i was like, heck i'll just be the season. still got the long eyelashes though.