you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

you've got to L.O.V.E your neighbours

national go slow day

an assignment to provide and image for the fictional event national go slow day. these are my first lot of ideas. i want to use shutter speed a bit more on my next images to try and create affects of speed whereas these ones were images that may encourage a person to take it slow. appealing shall we say.

finger food

I find taking photos in dim lighting really difficult. It may be that I haven't grasped simple techniques with aperture and shutter speed I'm hoping that's it because at least that I can fix. I think this is my favourite photo of my leaving party from work.

but I quite like this one too.

glorious britain

my first photography project. we were given certain subjects as guidelines to taking our photos i think i ignored them. the whole thing mostly reminded me of a calender we sell at work called glorious britain where the images are anything but.


A couple of my favourite photos from the youth convention I helped at. Robyn and Phil are really really trying to be G Robyn half makes it by being a quarter black but really she's a 14 year old cutie with far too much attention from boys than is healthy. I think that girl's whole wardrobe is from primark which i found a new respect for today when a "freak" rainstorm hit manchester. I now own a lovely floral umbrella with a lace trim thanks to primark and it's fun sweatshops. Thankyou underpaid foreign children. The girl with the cardboard box was an ingenious young lady who's name i never caught but who will stay in my heart forever. Who would have thought a cheap bowling set box could look so good, and be so handy? It doubles as a stylish umbrella hat which keeps your hands free for the aforesaid bowling. Only teenage girls with hair obsessions could think this kind of thing up. I spent this activity getting rained on willing myself not to freak out about my hair which just goes to show that leadership positions push you to become stronger, at any other time i'd have been streaking like lightning to the nearest shelter. I found myself bellowing like a P.E. teacher "COME ON GIRLS IT"S JUST A BIT OF RAIN! I"M NOT COLD IF YOU ARE YOU'RE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH!" Firm favourite however is the conga line. I would pay good money to know who that boy is.